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Visible Pricing. We are confident that we offer outstanding value for money so don't force you to contact us to find out our prices. All prices quoted exclude vat.

Fully Accredited Training. Our courses are official CompTIA® content authorised and accredited with 12 months online access. Study where and when you choose.

Career Focused e-learning. Expert tutor-led training, practice tests, quizzes and PDF downloads are included as standard within all Career Train® courses and bundles.

Fully Accredited Career Focused  Training

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Average UK IT Salaries


IT Support Technician


IT Network Professional


Cyber Security 


Cloud computing 

Source: CW Jobs

We've Helped a Wide Variety

of People

Career focused accredited training has ensured that for nearly 20 years, Career Train® executives have helped people change, enhance or start their career in IT and Project Management regardless of age or background.

 Benefits of career focused IT e-learning

Career focused e-learning provides flexibility with the freedom of choice of when and where to study, while not being tied to rigid timetables and additional travelling costs to training locations.

Study Anytime

You are able to study anytime, therefore, all preferences are catered for. Morning, day or night, whatever suits you as long as you have online access.

Study Anywhere

As you won't have the pressure of travelling to training locations you are able to study from home, work or even when commuting. In fact anywhere you choose. 

Study at Your Pace 

Always ensure the amount of hours you commit to each week are tailored to what works best for you as everyone absorbs information at a different pace.

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