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Career Focused

IT e-learning  

 Courses & Bundles

Career focused IT e-learning courses and bundles, providing cost effective training for people looking to start, change or enhance their career.

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Stuck in a Rut? Frustrated That Your

Dream Career in IT  Seems Out of Reach?

Career focused IT e-learning will help anyone who find they are unable to secure that job interview for the career in Tech they desire......or always find they are consistently being overlooked for promotion.......it's a constant frustration for so many in the modern workplace. 

It's a common problem. The career you originally planned for when you left school or university no longer fulfils you, nor does it provide the lifestyle and work/life balance that is very important to you.

Frustration starts to grow and fester, which in turn creates a negative impact in all areas of your life. 

Many people find themselves in this situation. They get exposed to different career professions and then discover, for example, a Tech based role and career is now their passion and career path they wish to pursue.

The problem of course, is that they don't yet have the Tech knowledge or IT certifications to get hired for a position in the dream career they truly desire.

Deep down they know they have the transferable skills to do the role they wish for but lack the qualifications to secure that all important job interview. 

Is this sounding familiar?

The solution is very simple. Regardless of your age or background you can achieve your dream career in IT by taking the initiative and enrolling on a course to study in your own time.

Recruiters and HR professionals are always impressed when people prove they are committed by investing their own own time and money to progress.

It shows genuine commitment and you will certainly stand out in a positive way from other candidates when attending interviews.

Are you ready to stand out and take that crucial step towards your Dream Career?

Then take that step now and enrol on on a career focused IT e-learning course or bundle of your choice and achieve that career you've been dreaming of.

What Makes Us Different

Affordable Training. Self paced with several career focussed bundles to choose from together with 12 months online access giving variety and flexibility.

Visible Pricing. We are confident that we offer outstanding value for money so don't force you to contact us to find out our prices. All quoted on this website are inclusive of vat.

Career Focused IT e-learning. Hands-on practical experience with Practice Live Labs are an optional extra and the perfect compliment to your theory training.

Average UK IT Salaries


IT Network Support 


Cyber Security 


Cloud Computing  


Web Development  

Source: CW Jobs

Our Most Popular Career Focused IT e-learning Bundles

Click on the image below to find out more about our incredible value for money bundles. All career focused IT e-learning bundles provide options to change your career path or enhance it by having knowledge of a wide range of in demand globally recognised qualifications.

IT Network Technician

Cyber Security

Web Development

Cloud Computing

 Benefits of career focused IT e-learning

Career focused e-learning provides flexibility with the freedom of choice of when and where to study, while not being tied to rigid timetables and additional travelling costs to training locations.

Study Anytime

You are able to study anytime, therefore, all preferences are catered for. Morning, day or night, whatever suits you as long as you have online access.

Study Anywhere

As you won't have the pressure of travelling to training locations you are able to study from home, work or even when commuting. In fact anywhere you choose. 

Study at Your Pace 

Always ensure the amount of hours you commit to each week are tailored to what works best for you as everyone absorbs information at a different pace.

Practical Training with Practice Live Labs

This is a recommended but optional extra

Compliment your career focused IT e-learning! Gaining experience from our virtual live-labs is totally different compared to other types of online training. It's as close as you can get to learning on the job. You gain hands-on practical work experience using live technology instead. All that is required is an Internet connection. 

We've Helped a Wide Variety

of People

Career focused IT e-learning has ensured that for nearly 20 years, Career Train® executives have helped people change, enhance or start their career in IT regardless of age or background.

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