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Google DevOps Career Certification Bundle


  • 5 x Kubernetes & DevOps Career Certification Courses 
  • Ideal for anyone from beginner, intermediate or advanced level
  • 12 months online access
  • 3 x Free Bonus Legacy Courses
  • Quizzes & Practice Exams
  • Mobile & Tablet Compatible

DevOps Fundamentals

Module 1: Course Overview
Module 2: The Basics
Module 3: Development
Module 4: Infrastructure
Module 5: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Module 6: Course Closeout

Kubernetes - Containerising Applications in the Cloud

Module 1: Course Overview
Module 2: Basics of Kubernetes
Module 3: Kubernetes Design and Architecture
Module 4: Deployments
Module 5: Course Closeout

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

Module 1: Course Overview
Module 2: Kubernetes and Container Fundamentals
Module 3: Kubernetes Installation
Module 4: Working with Kubernetes Clusters and Nodes
Module 5: API Access and Commands
Module 6: Running Pods and Deployments
Module 7: Configuring Storage
Module 8: Kubernetes Networking
Module 9: Managing Security
Module 10: Managing Kubernetes In the Enterprise
Module 11: Kubernetes Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Module 12: CKA Practice Exams
Module 13: Course Closeout

Certified Kubernetes Applications Developer (CKAD)

Module 1: Course Overview
Module 2: Kubernetes and Container Fundamentals
Module 3: Configuration
Module 4: Multi Container Pods
Module 5: Observability
Module 6: Pod Design
Module 7: Services and Networking
Module 8: State Persistence
Module 9: CKA Practice Exams
Module 10: Course Closeout

Google Cloud Platform Certification (GCP)

Whether working towards your GCP Certification or seeking working knowledge about GCP DevOps services, then our Google Cloud Platform Certification Training is ideal. It would be helpful to have a minor amount of experience before this training, but the course is beginner-friendly.

The course is best suited for the following students:

  • Cloud Developers, Managers, Administrators, and Architects new to GCP
  • Solution Architects new to GCP
  • Programmers who wish to deploy applications in GCP
  • Anyone interested in hosting highly scaleable, fault-tolerant applications (such as WordPress and Joomla) on the GCP platform IaaS or PaaS

This Google Cloud Platform Certification training course covers and includes:

  • A condensed guide to GCP DevOps
  • How to deploy CI Pipeline Services such as Cloud Build, Source Repositories, Container Registry, and Kubernetes Engine.

Bonus Course - CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ 2020

Module 1: Understanding Cloud Computing Concepts
Module 2: Applying Cloud Business Principles
Module 3: Advising a Cloud Design and Migration
Module 4: Operating in the Cloud
Module 5: Managing Cloud Governance
Module 6: Exam Information, Review and Summary
Module 7: Activities
Module 8: Tools and Resources


Bonus Course - CompTIA Cloud+ 2020

Module 1: Preparing to Deploy Cloud Solutions
Module 2: Deploying a Pilot Project
Module 3: Testing Pilot Project Deployments
Module 4: Designing a Secure and Compliant Cloud Infrastructure
Module 5: Designing and Implementing a Secure Cloud Environment
Module 6: Planning Identity and Access Management for Cloud Deployments
Module 7: Determing CPU and Memory Sizing for Cloud Deployments
Module 8: Determing Storage Requirements for Cloud Deployments
Module 9: Analyzing Workload Characteristics to Ensure Successful Migration
Module 10: Maintaining Cloud Systems
Module 11: Implementing Backup, Restore, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Measures
Module 12: Analyzing Cloud Systems for Performance
Module 13: Analyzing Cloud Systems for Anomalies and Growth Forecasting
Module 14: Troubleshooting Deployment, Capacity, Automation, and Orchestration Issues
Module 15: Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues
Module 16: Troubleshooting Security Issues
Module 17: Exam Information, Review, and Summary
Module 18: Activities

Bonus Course - Introduction to Python

Module 1: Getting Started with Python
Module 2: Working with Primitive Data Types
Module 3: Working with Multiple Assignments Statements
Module 4: Convert Types in Python
Module 5: Creating Lists
Module 6: Modifying Lists
Module 7: Sorting and Reversing Lists
Module 8: Slicing Lists
Module 9: Working With Operators
Module 10: Determining Operator Precedence
Module 11: Working with IF Statements
Module 12: Working With For Loops
Module 13: Working With While Loops
Module 14: Nesting for Loops
Module 15: Reading Files
Module 16: More on Files
Module 17: Merging Emails
Module 18: Reading Console Inputs and Formatting Outputs
Module 19: Reading Command Line Argument
Module 20: Defining Functions
Module 21: Using Default Argument
Module 22: Using Keyword and Positional Arguments
Module 23: Handling Exceptions
Module 24: Using Math and Random Modules
Module 25: Displaying Daytime Working Directory and File Metadata

Why Choose a Career in DevOps/Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerised applications. It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

A Kubernetes Certification can take your career to a whole new level. Learning Kubernetes is essential for any DevOps professional as DevOps engineers are always in demand. 

Salaries for DevOps professionals are among the most lucrative in IT. In the UK, on average the salary for DevOps professionals is roughly 20% higher than salaries across the IT sector. Depending on the location, type of organisation and whether you opt for a consultancy or end-user role, the salary for a DevOps Engineer can range from £55k right up to £130k. The average however is in the £57-83k range (source: CW Jobs).

If you’re seeking a Tech career then you should consider DevOps which undoubtedly has strong growth potential.

Average DevOps

UK Salary


Source: CW Jobs

Advantages of the Google DevOps Career Certification Bundle

  • Amazing value for money with 5 x certification and 3 x legacy bonus courses included. 
  • Ability to hone in on course modules which will benefit your current of future job role.
  • This DevOps bundle is geared towards the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and will best benefit those who want to deploy applications on GCP.
  • Access to your own extensive DevOps career bundle of certification and legacy coursesI
  • Ideal for anyone from beginner, intermediate or advanced level in their DevOps career journey.

Everything in this Career Certification Bundle for just £149 (inc vat)

 career Focused bundle
  • 12 Months Online Access
  • 5 x Career Certification Courses 
  • 3 x Bonus Legacy Courses
  • Practice Tests & Quizzes
  • Expert Instructor-Led Training 


149 inc vat

Less than £19 per course average price!


Hear what our happy clients have to say.......

The training was very professional and easy to follow......Highly recommended!

My ambition is to become a senior IT Security Manager. Alex gave me genuine and honest advice about my career path and how to achieve my goals and I felt he genuinely cared about my success. I am currently working my way through the Cyber Security bundle which has so many advantages and is a very economical way to learn and get certified. I'm very pleased with my progress.

Noah Pinder - IT Security Administrator, Construction Industry