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Programmer or Developer? – These titles are pretty much the same role. You’re able to write in multiple languages and while some developers choose to specialise in one language many choose to learn multiple ones to enable more variety and expand their career options. As you climb the career ladder as a developer some organisations may refer to you as an “engineer” and reflect that in your job title however in this post we use the term “Developer”. 

  • Web Developer – You retrain as a web developer and now you will begin your career building websites. To achieve the correct functionality you’ll be using code and with this knowledge and skill you’ll also be able to ensure the website has the right aesthetic look.
  • Software Developer –  Software developers are able to build programmes, software and applications. Therefore they will be less involved with websites that are customer facing. A software developer is usually at a  higher level than a developer role and usually will require more experience.
  • Front End Developer – The “Front end” of a website will include all customer facing features including any associated app, text fields, images, buttons and banners. A typical day for these developers would include programming the interface that users engage with. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are all front end coding languages.
  • Back End Developer – Back end developers meanwhile will build the mechanics of how a site processes the information. As such they determine how the site will communicate with servers and how to collect, store and manage user data. PHP and Python are common languages used for back end development.
  • Full Stack Developer – Is someone who knows multiple languages and has been successful in building built both front and back ends of a website. As a full stack developer you are considered an expert programmer who is able to guide the user flow, as well as how the data is transmitted to servers.
  • Software Architect – Is the experienced programmer who is head of and leads the development team. They will make any high level decisions regarding the design and functionality of the websites and effectively “sign off” any work produced by the developers they oversee.

Career Tip

You can start the process to retrain as a web developer with this career focussed bundle of web developer certification and legacy courses here. These courses follow the certification curriculum for the relevant vendors and will prepare you for an exam should you wish to get certified or ideal for those requiring the knowledge for their current or future role.

Web Developer Salary Range

The scope is huge for a web developer – your options would include working for a corporate company, a specialist consulting company, or going freelance, so the salary will be varied depending on your experience and what certifications you have obtained.

Currently the average salary for a junior web developer is circa *£25,000, while the average wage for the more experienced web developer can range from *£40,000-£55,000. Those who have achieved senior status either by leading developer teams or being an independent freelance contractor can earn in excess of **£75,000. 


If you are considering a career as a web developer then take a look at this web developer certification and legacy bundle of courses and begin the process of achieving your dream career.

*Source: IT Jobs Watch   **Source: CW Jobs

Career Path

The two most common career paths that web developers choose are either in an employed position for a company or as a freelance independent contractor.

If you are someone who prefers to work as part of a team and appreciate a regular source of income you’ll be happiest in an employed role. Therefore, you’ll work closely with other developers learning and picking up tips and best practices from members of your team.

As you progress you will find your prospects will improve and if you are ambitious, reliable and enjoy added responsibility then you’ll almost certainly have the opportunity to  grow – especially with larger corporate style companies. 

Working with new clients and having the autonomy to select your own projects, it’s probable the freelance route would be your preference. As a freelancer you’ll be responsible for generating your own business, enjoy high job satisfaction setting your own schedule and guiding the course of each project without the restraints of a traditional corporate structure.

The more success and experience you achieve perfecting the role of a developer will enable you to have the option to become a consultant. Web developer consultants meet with potential clients and deliver proposals and quotations to win the business to develop their websites and apps. They often continue to work with their clients becoming a “preferred contractor” which will create a consistent income stream.

Regardless of whether you prefer the freedom of freelance or the familiarity of a regular 9-5, once you retrain as a web developer you will have the ability to enjoy a long-term future within web development. Developer skills will always be in demand and you will have built a career in a profession that can be very lucrative together with a sense of achievement and job satisfaction.

If you are considering a career as a web developer then take a look at this web developer certification and legacy bundle of courses and begin the process of achieving your dream career.



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