Choosing a Career Path

So you’re looking to retrain as a IT professional and have a genuine interest and passion for the IT sector.

Due to the severe skills shortage the IT and tech industry has a wealth of career opportunities including cyber security, cloud computing, networking and as a developer/programmer.

Cyber security and cloud computing in particular have considerable skill shortages so anyone looking to retrain or upskill will find a wealth of opportunities to choose from.

If you know the field you want to specialise in then you will want to consider our career focussed range of certification and legacy course bundles which is an affordable and value for money way to obtain the training required to support any career path into the IT and tech industry.

Regardless of what industry you are currently in you’re sure to find that position in IT that you aspire to. Ranging from support roles, networking, devops, through to cyber security, cloud computing and BI (business intelligence), you’ll be amazed just how many opportunities and lucrative salaries are available in IT.

Hedge Your Bets

If you are an experienced IT professional looking to refresh or enhance your knowledge then our Ultimate IT Library (over 100) of certification and legacy courses  is certainly for you. In fact even if you are just starting out in IT and want to hedge your bets on your IT career path this is also a very cost effective way to gain knowledge or get certified.

What makes the IT industry even more attractive and flexible for people looking to retrain as a IT  professional is that any certifications you study for with our career focussed bundles are globally recognised. Therefore, this type of training easily outweighs the initial cost as your options are both rewarding and flexible. Work anywhere in the world or for any any company in the world, remotely or an on premise location if you wish to relocate. 

If you are new to the IT sector then it is recommended to study for Certifications as IT professionals on average, earn far higher than their uncertified colleagues and are more likely to be considered for and achieve a promotion.

Practical Training

In addition to a globally recognised certification, most of our career focussed training bundles come with Practice Labs as an optional extra. This will allow you to apply what you have learnt in your training to a real-life sandbox environment. Effectively giving you practical training to compliment the theory you have learnt.

Potential employers will certainly place a very high value in this and it will help you stand out against other candidates making it crucial for anyone wishing to retrain as a IT professional.

Career Tip

You can start the process to retrain as an IT professional with our best selling Ultimate IT Library career focussed bundle of certification and legacy courses here. These courses (over 100) follow the certification curriculum for the relevant vendors and will prepare you for an exam should you wish to get certified or ideal for those requiring the knowledge for their current or future role. This bundle comes with Practice Lab options as an add on if desired.

Average UK IT Salaries


IT Support 


Cyber Security 


Cloud Computing  


Web Development  

Source: CW Jobs

Benefits of e-learning

All the training we provide is fully online so if you are going to retrain as an IT professional you can enjoy the benefits of the convenience and flexibility. 

You are able to work anywhere, at any time and at a pace that suits you. E-learning is fully flexible around any lifestyle and the course content is available 24/7. As a result this will not impact on your current job role and you can fit it around your family and social life. 

What is the IT job market like?

According to the tech giants CompTIA for every 7 jobs advertised there is just 3 IT professionals. This once again reinforces the fact there is huge demand due to a severe skills shortage in the industry.  

What if I Don’t Have IT Experience?

This is always the first question from anyone who wants to retrain as an IT professional. With the right training and certifications there will always be an opportunity to change your career as the average person will change career 3 – 7 times. When someone starts a new position in IT their current skills and attitude will be considered a positive as they will be transferable, in addition you will have an industry recognised qualification which will underpin your application.

To give just a couple of examples, 35% of the people working in cyber security and 30% in cloud computing, have moved careers from a non-tech background! This is a result of the advancements made in technology meaning as cyber security is still relatively new organisations struggle to find applicants with the right skills set, this is where a certification becomes a dominant factor together with previously mentioned transferable skills and a growth mindset.

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